About Us


Why Breck Media? Users choose our products and services for more than price or any single feature. If you have ever owned an IPOD, you can appreciate the value of the total Apple experience. The hardware is sleek, the navigation and web tools are intuitive. Combined with animation, the effect is to create a total symphony of sight, sound and touch which users are always willing to pay a premium.

Breck Media specializes in producing applications that combine engaging, eye catching sales tools and communications with high-level programming functions that rival the most robust applications. Our extensive experience working with C++, JAVA, and Macromedia Authoring programs enable us to make Flash applications into powerful tools.

Product and technology information changes so fast, it is often outdated as soon as its delivered. Many companies use methods such as distributing text documents or images on CDs or online, or holding meetings, seminars and teleconferences. But nothing seems to address the sheer magnitude of information that must be communicated each day.

Breck Media helps companies like yours shorten time-to-market, increase sales productivity, strengthen customer relationships, and reduce costs. How? By helping you communicate faster and more effectively with employees, customers and partners. With Breck Media, you, and your entire enterprise deliver more compelling communications that are better understood, retained, and applied.

You can use our products and services to: Inform and train customers and employees, introduce new products and services, and educate prospects throughout the selling process. We create captivating interactive experiences that change the behavior of our clients’ target audience. Building profitable relationships with your target audience requires extensive online media experience and a proven understanding of customer behavior.

Our team helps companies take full advantage of the power of rich-media. They help you get up and running faster so you can achieve greater ROI. Every-day business communications become rich-media events - events that create impact each time they are distributed or shared.

Breck Media was founded in 1988 and is privately held. The company is headquartered in New York City, NY.