Financial Planning Tools


Asset Allocation
Give your client an interactive questionnaire that will analyze his or her risk tolerance level and suggest an appropriate mix of short-term, income and growth investments.

Retirement Planning

Determine the additional savings your client will need for retirement based on client age, current savings, SSB and an expected rate of inflation. Review the results with vivid charts and detailed schedules to reinforce the need to start saving now.

College Planning

Consider the costs of paying for a college education in light of the child’s age, college type, and expected rate of inflation. Prepare a payment schedule for meeting the college cost by the matriculation date.

Future Goals

Calculate the financial contribution needed to pay for a wedding, business start-up, or any other client goal.

Fund Analyzer

Search through a database of your company’s funds based on select criteria. View detailed performance charts for each fund as well as other fund information online.

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