Programming and Interactive Development


Breck Media’s programming team can develop Custom Product Applications for your company’s intranet/network, internet site or multimedia CD/kiosk. These applications can be designed to incorporate your company’s marketing materials, brochures, videos, proprietary data files, and brand.

Select programming languages used:

  • C/C++
  • Visual Basic
  • VBScript
  • Java, Java Script
  • Perl
  • HTML
  • Toolbook
  • Openscript
  • GLPro
  • Macromedia Director

Breck Media also offers a wide range of Pre-Built Presentation and Planning Tools that speed up the development process. These pre-built tools include: MultiWeb CD, Presentation Sorter, Image Sorter, Conference CD, Fund Analyzer, and the Investit Suite of Planning Tools (Retirement Planning, College Planning, Estate Planning, Portfolio Building)